Saturday, January 22, 2011


السلام عليكم

Friends, how are you?
Insya-Allah Allah put you all in the best condition.

24th Jan 2011, our semester exam.
Hopefully we all are ready for it, insya-Allah.

There are something I would like to share with you all.
Hopefully we can practice these in our everyday life.

1. Do haajat prayers. We want success, why not we ask from Him, the Almighty Allah? I've learned that 12 rakaat of haajat prayers are mustajab, but if you think that 12 rakaat are too much, do at least 2 rakaat. Less is better than none, right?

2. Dr. (insya-Allah) Tengku Fakhruddin has said to me that before exam, we can read Surah Al-Fath. The Surah is about victory. Read it. Insya-Allah there will be victory for us. Insya-Allah.

2 things only. Hopefully we all can practice these in our everyday life.
Sorry if there is any "typo" or grammatical error.
I'm just a human, like you. We all are susceptible to mistakes (not to infection only!).
We are not God. We can strive, but the judge is Allah.

Do our best.
Don't forget Allah.
Don't forget Allah.
Don't forget Allah.

insya-Allah we all succeeds.

He who has Allah, has everything.

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