Saturday, January 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

How's your preparation? We hope you all had use the time given for study leave wisely.
Regarding the time and place for our final exam, we just got the confirmation from Dr. Hala this evening and we are very sorry because we have try our best to fulfill some of our colleague's request to change the place of exam. There are some problems related to the Egyptian students also but,at least we got 2 lecture hall at CC and some students still have to seat your exam in the classroom. No more examination at cafetaria.

Please alert for the time of exam. Both End of MOdule 9 and 8 will start at 12.30 pm on MOnday and Thursday respectively. We hope that you all do come earlier to perform our Zohor prayer first before entering the examination hall.

This is the place of exam based on your ID number. It will be at CC, Azareta!

lecture hall 1 : from 1-112
lecture hall 2: from 113-224
classroom 2 : from 225-259
classroom 4 : from 260-299
classroom 5 : from 300-317

We wish you all the best of luck. Do the best! Always do everything in our life, because of Allah.
Bittaufiq Wan Najah~

1 HoT sTufF:

exam kat Azareta, CC! jangan tertukar pula. ma3lish sahabat2..

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