Thursday, May 5, 2011

Letter from Dr Radwa..

Attention to all medical students...

I hereby stating few important notes to be take in consideration.

As we know, Our world kept changing from generation to generation. New era to new millenium. Everything kept changing around us, nothing will stay long and the same. Everthing will move on either surround us, or we ourselves. This is the power of Allah SWT. Only He the has the power, supreme commander of all. The King of all Kings. Subhanallah.

In our module 11, There are some mistake or updates need to be taken care of.

In ECG, for the p-r interval. It's stated that it was the time between the beginning of the P wave to the beginning od the R wave. But students, you need to change the "beginning of R wave" to "beginning of Q". So students, dont make mistake in this module.

All the best for this module. Buy buy

10 HoT sTufF:

so interval tuh still p-r interval or tukar to p-q interval??

macam mne masih p-r interval,sedangkn q wave sebelum r wave o.o

maknanya p-q interval?

maksudnye, dia still guna former name la. tp start dkt beginning of wave Q

so tk termasuk q wave ke??

ermmm.. cube trgkan balik.. dah pening@.@

rasenye still guna p-r interval and "r" tu merangkumi QRS bahagian penerangan p-r interval pula ialah time between the beginning of the P wave to the beginning of the Q wave..macam tu kot..n rasenye nnt ade soalan berkaitan ni kat exam sebab tu prof buat pembetulan..haha

sbb klu tgk buku2 medic yg trbaru,mmg dy da tukar nama kpd p-qrs interval
tp utk kita
stil guna nama p-r interval
cume tkr jadi
beginning p-beginning q

p-q or p-r interval.
is the time between the beginning of p wave and beginning of qrs wave.
it actually p-q interval but often called p-r because q wave is likely to be absent
-----guyton physiology book-------

ohhhhhh ok^^ syukran~ dah faham^^

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