Monday, May 2, 2011

Hot in market

If U don't open, you'll regret

Lu tak bukak, Lu Rugi

Interactive physiology. Please enjoy.

2 HoT sTufF:

bkn ade satu slide yg bersama ngan file interactive ni...

okay... kepada yg nak bukak application ni... sila:

1. bukak file application mcm biasa, double click or open with internet browser.

2. then, click technical requrements.

3. scroll down untill you see Flash n shockwave...

4. download both of them by clicking their image.

5. after that, go to the tools in the menu bar, and find internet option (lowest), click it.

6. go to the advance portion.

7. scroll down the settings, untill u find security part.

8. click at the first 2 box inthe security part which is:
a) Allow...... from CDS.....
b) Allow.... to runs in files on my computer

9. then click apply at below. finaly, click ok to end it.

10. insyaAllah.. there will be fine.. enjoy the program..

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