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Why Pre-mumtaz

If we still havent finish our clinical year here, even the pre-clinicals. Dont pronounce yourselves as mumtaz although you get very-very good Grades now. Why am i saying like this? Not because im jealous with them, just that the real success is not now after you get successfull grades or even after you come out as a real doctors. No!

I know you guys have syndrom called "antipolywordsism". But try to make reading as your habit. You're becoming a doctor and doctor reads much. So why not make it as a habit, this will easen your self insyaAllah. "

"Bitter like drugs can cure, Long words like paragraph can nurture"

You may have score EXCELLENTLY in every semester or year and you think by having good results will ensure you to become a very good doctor in the future. Here is what i have say, if you become a typical doctor that passes all his subjects with flying or crawling colours. Then you're just no different from other million of students that get excellent result.

You may think that You have a perfect body with complete set of organ . But For me, we're just having our head, heart and the other part of us need to be collected. We have our eyes to see, nose to smell, ear to hear, tongue to taste and heart to judge. These are the items that Allah SWT lend to us which are the primary senses and the functions of each of the primary senses is to collect.

But human.... are just human, full of mistakes. Cant run from accidents and always forget. Use things in its posterior way. Looking , hearing, tasting, thinking on its opposite ways . But this is where the test prepared for us, either we use our heart or not, we use the organ only for ourselves, or help others to completes their own sets of organ

This pre or clinical year or this PHASE OF LEARNING process is the intermediate for you to strengthen or collects all the requirement of your body, your hands, your foot, body and others to become a full complete human . A full complete human not just the exterior but include the interior which is Iman.

The real success is when we get everything! I mean everything is all the thing that we want in this world including the after world. Our eyes, our ear, our tongue is just a medium to collects our organ and the organ is iman, sunnah, taqwa, and all other requirement in order we can pass exams in this world and the other world tremendously! This is what Islam told us! Subhanallah

My friends, try to benefit all the things that we get wherever we are. We should be gratefull that we were sent here to egypt which full of EVERYTHING and things that we cant get in Malaysia. Starting from the first step we arrive in this Anbiya's country until we begin our first move to leave this country.

Grab everything that you can get, yes i mean everything! Make this as your motto,"Grab everything, Leave Nothing" until we become a real human or i should pronounce SERVANT! Its not us to determince wether we've completed in becoming a perfect muslims, but atleast we try our best in staying in the path towards better Muslims. Allah promised that whoever in Allah ways, insyaAllah he will not regret of his doings. With your Islam in the heart, insyaAllah you will become a good muslims and simultaneously a good doctor. InsyaAllah.

These are the Student Number according to their respective coordinates. InsyaAllah, If you lost in the university finding the correct place for the exams. Try open to find out where you should be.

1-112 Auditorium (1) Floor 2
113-224 Auditorium (2) Floor 2
225-259 Class (2) Under ground floor
260-301 Class (4) Under ground floor
302-324 Class (7) Under ground floor

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