Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Salam wbt. Here are a few announcement regarding our tomorrows batch meeting. We, Sr's had tried our very best, our full potential to book a place in the cc for example as the lecture hall, the cafeteria and even the stairs in front of the cafeteria. But none of them succedd. The administration wont give us the place even for 5 minutes. We are really2 sorry for the incovenience.

So, we have agreed to do the batch meeting at Asrama Mara Floor 3. It will start at 12.30p.m so you guys will have time to eat and even solat. Tomorrow, all the Sr's will go to each class and announce back this announcement.

Look, some of you might think that this meeting is a lousy one. 'Malas r', 'Biar r,ak xkisah je sape nak jadi ketue' , 'Jauh la asrama tuh!' and etc. But please, this meeting is very very very very very very very very very important. Besides electing our new leader, a few important announcement will also be made. Regarding death and life! So please, do come to the meeting.

Do remember, people who help others in doing their job, Allah SWT will surely make their job become much more easier than they could have ever think of. So now, please set your nawaitu to go to the meeting. Who knows, Allah will make your exams a loooooottt easier tomorrow. Insyallah. :)

Lastly, I would like to wish a thousand of appreciation to all of you. You guys had been the most supportive batchmate ever. Best of luck for tomorrow from us, admin of Mumtazbazz. Salam wbt. :)

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