Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Salam wbt to all of my dearest friends and collegues. Hows your study leave so far? Stressable? Well.. face the music. We are gonna be doctors so these things are like eating nasi lemak for us in the future. It will be so common in us that one fine day we might even ask ourself, why am i not stressed today? This is our preparation. This is our way. Be strong and know that Allah SWT is always be by our side. :)

As all of you know, we are going to held a batch meeting after the exams. Like last time, for those who CAME, we knew that the meeting was held in the lecture hall right? But unfortunately this time, on 12.oo pm, right after our examinations, theres going to be a lecture after that. But not our lecture. Maybe Arabs or our seniors. Soooo.....

We, Sr's and Batch leaders have decided to do it on this upcoming Thursday but the place will be confirm back to you guys on the day of the exams. A leader will go to each class and tell the places. The suggested places are :

a) The cafeteria
b) The stairs in front of cafeteria
c) Asrama Mara floor 3

I know some of u might say , 'ah,mana cukup' or 'sempitlah' but please, this is ur responsibility. The leader that u will choose after this will be ur leader for the whole year. He will be the one who you will seek help to after this. So please, give your support by coming to the meeting and choose your leader. As we know that our Batch leader,our SR for lecture B and our Batch Secretary had been chosen to be AJKTs, so we will make selections on this three rank.

Lastly, may Allah bless all of us in this exams and for the upcoming exams. We strive together,we failed together because we are family. The Mumtazzbazz family. Goodluck everyone. :)

p/s : please do come to the meeting. its important.

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