Sunday, May 23, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt

Hope all in pink of health

First of all, these are some tips we get from dr ayman during his class before this in international day

This is just clue, so dont put your full hope in these

Maybe there are some and there not

as a conclusion, STUDY ALL

Remember, we study not because of exam,

but because of its benefit and usage toward us and to help other people

Sincerely for Allah SWT

1. for bones give:

2. differentiate btwn ulnar ,median and musculocutaneous nerve

3. rotator cuff

4.cubital fossa

5. stabilization of sboulder joint

6. cutaneous nerve

7. mucsles in front of forearm
-deep muscles
-superficials muscles

8. annular lig

9. branches of median nerve in forearm(muscular branch)

10. trapezius(upper middle,lower part)

11. clavopectorial fascia

12. boundaries triangular space

13. flexor retinacular

14. carpal tunnel

15. extensor expansion

16. muscles that make medial rotation and lateral rotation

17. brachial plexus- branches.... lateral root of median nerve.. medial root of median nerve..

18. Axillary artery...beginning, course, termination,relations

19. coracobrachialis...applied anatomy.

20. posterior compartment of arm..
21. roof of cubital fossa

22. Anterior compartment of forearm.. Flexor carpi ulnaris..

23. Nerve supply of posterior compartment of forearm...superficial muscles..

24. Boundaries of snuff box...

25. Lumbricals muscles..

26. Thenar group..

27. Ulnar and radial arteries in hand..

28. Shoulder joint...movements..

29. Injury to axillary nerve..

30. Injury to long thoracic nerve..

31. Injury to lower trunk of brachial plexus (Klumpke's paralysis)

32. injury to ulnar nerve..

~All The Best~

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