Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final of Module Marks Distribution


Total marks: 45 marks
Total questions: 90Q
Time: 100min= 1h 40m
Physiology: 18M = 36Q
Anatomy: 15M = 30Q
Pharma: 7M = 14Q
Histo: 5M = 10Q


Total marks: 45 marks
Total questions: Depend on the department
Time: 2 min for each spot
Anatomy: 17M
Histo: 11M
Physiology: 7M
Pharma: 5M
Diagnostic Radiology: 3M
Free Marks: 2M from physical medicine

Tributes to Section 2 Leader and his Assistant. All the best y'all!! :D

1 HoT sTufF:

Tribute } Credit

better...bitaufiq wannagah all ;) ameen

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