Friday, May 7, 2010

Brain Mapsssss

Assalamualaikum wbt

These are mind maps of our previous lessons
Hope you guys enjoy it and may the mind maps assist us in understanding and memorising!!

There are some suggestions for making folder for the slides posted so that everything would be easy to locate and retrieve
InsyaAllah the idea will be reconsidered and will be put on
but for the meantime,
please use the well prepared slides made you all in this blog although it's a little bit tough to scroll down or press 'older post' many times
insyaAllah the 'foldering' will start in a short period

'Badan sihat minda cerdas'

Study... study juga,
exercise exercise juga
agar otak xbeku
dan badan sihat sejahtera.

Moga kita dapat ungguli dari segi minda, jasmani dan tidak lupa juga Rohani :)
Strive For Glory

credits to Liyana and TBNSL
Pesanan ikhlas dari

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