Sunday, July 24, 2011

Past Year Question Physiology (Essay Question)

-Define intrapleural pressure and discuss cause and significance of its negativity

-Discuss the factors that affect oxygen dissociation curve
-Explain effect of increase arterial PCO2 ( hyercapnea ) on ventilation
-Define diffusion capacity and mention factors affecting it
-Explain effects of acute and chronic increase in arterial PCO2 on ventilation
-Draw and analyzes perfusion zones of vertical lung, mention cause affecting it
-Explain non- chemical regulation of respiration
-Anaemic hypoxia ( causes,mechanism,and effect on oxygen dissociation curve )
-Discuss oxygen cascade
-Discuss respiratory centres (site and function )
-Pulmonary surfactant( nature,origin, and its physiological importance )
-Foetal haemoglobin,carbon monoxide poisoning,exercising muscle. Draw their oxygen dissociation curve in relation to normal and discuss causes
-Carbon dioxide transport in the blood and its importance
-Acclimatization to high altitude
-Factors affecting affinity of haemoglobin to oxygen
-Diffusing capacity of the lung( definition and factors affecting diffusion through respiratory membrane )
-Chloride shift
-Discuss hypoxia,its type and causes
-Effects of gravity on ventilation and pulmonary blood flow
-Discuss normal V/Q ratio and effect of V/Q mismatch on gas exchange
-Explain mechanism of stimulation of respiration during mild,moderate and severe exercise
-Compare ventilation,perfusion in the apex and base of the lung in standing position
-Describe mechanism of stimulation of breathing during exercise
-Define hypoxia and its physiological types
-Draw and comment on O2 dissociation curve

This is past year question(essay) randomly taken from year 1998-2008
Try to do this questions as it might enter the exam

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