Sunday, July 17, 2011


Egyptian's Questions.

physio :1- coronary blood flow and its factors
2-list the mechanical changes during isovolumetric contraction phase
3- give sites , stimulus .explanation of function of baroreceptors

anatomy : 1- enumerate 2 structures post. to azygos
2- mention 4 branches of EC artery
3- embryological origin of rt subclavian artery
4- describe the surface anatomy of left border of heart

pathology :
1- explain - myocardial infarction starts in subendocardial origin
- renal infarcts are pale
2- list risk factors of AS
3- compare between acute rheumatic enocarditis and infective one

micro :
1- 2 enzymes of strep .pyogens and its medical value
2- microbiological investigations in case of infective endocarditis
3- 2 tests used for diagnosis of rheumatic fever

histo :
1- describe histo features of fenestrated blood capillaries and their sites|
2- compare between tunica media in medium sized artery and vein (structure- percentage)
3- mention origin . character . location of T.tubule

pharma it was a case of myocardial infarction
and he asked about :
1- drug restore blood flow and mechanism of action
2- drug prevent extention of pre-existing thrombus and two side effects
3- mechanism of action of CCBs in ischemic heart diseases

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