Friday, July 22, 2011


these questions are not really spots questions,
but some exercises that might help you~
happy studying~

1. course of phrenic and its branches
2. course of vagi and its branches
3. course of intercostal nerves and its branches
4. diaphragm (origin-insertio-openings) OR (All structure passing through it)
5. trachea
6. mediastinal surface of right and left lung
7. plexuses (formed of and distribution .. site in case of cardiac plexus)
8. sphenopalatine ganglion (type-site-roots and branches)
congenital anomalies
1. compare between primary and secondary TB infection
2. stages of lobar pneumonia
3. pathogenesis of emphysema
4. morphology of chronic bronchitis and its compilication
5. morphology of bronchiectasis and complication
6. fate of lung abscess
7. causes of hemoptysis
8. etiology of bronchogenic carcinoma
1. tuberculin tests (material used -tests-interpretation and value)
2. rapid techniques of TB lab diagnosis
3. diseases caused by (Adenovirus, pneumococci- H.Influenzae)
4. compare between antigenic drift and shift
5. compare between spikes of orthomyxovirus
6. prophylaxis of orthomyxovirus
7. general characters of mycoplasma and non specific test used to identify it (principle)
8. general characters of chlamydia
9. differential diagnosis of C.diphtheria and prophylaxis
10. Compare between mycoplasma and chlamydia (V.IMP)!!
1. DOTS in TB
2. mechanism of action and adverse effect of (rifampine- INH-pyrazinamide)
3. criteria of drug allergy
4. action of cytokines
5. immunotherapy (def.- mechanism of action and adverse effect)
6. medication sensitivities
1. diffusion capacity (def and factors affecting it)
2. CO2 transport mechanism
3. important of surfactant
4. compliance (def-factors-increase and decrease)
5. causes of -ve IPP and its significance
6. fetal Hb and CO poisoning and its treatment
7. Halden effect
8. important of peripheral chemoreceptors
9. effect of increase and decrease of PaCO2
10. causes of hypoxic hypoxia
11. perfusion zones
12. factors affecting blood flow
13. causes of regional difference of pulmonary blood flow

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