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common questions for psycho~

alhamdulillah, egyptian share with us some common questions for psycho exam^_^
hope these questions may benefit u ~

1) Thought MCQ

1.Manipulation of mental representation:




d)decision making

2.All of the following steps of cicle of thought need attention EXCEPT:

a)sensory processing

b)perceiving & describe.

c)decision making

d)ressponse selection.

3.All of the following increase the reaction time EXCEPT :

a)complex decision.

b)comatable stimulus & response.

c)non-expected stimuli.

d)all of the above.

4.Information which are stored as images will be:

a)visual stimuli.

b)smell stimuli.

c)taste stimuli

d)all of the following.

1.A 2.2.A 3.B 4.D

2.Emotion MCQ

5.Which of the following involved in the emotion:

a)subjective feeling.

b)Cognitive interpretion.

c)autonomic nervous system.

d)all of the above.

6.Cognitive interpretation of emotion occurs in:




d)mammillary bodies

7.Depression cause all of the following autonomic response EXCEPT:

a)Congestion of the mucous membrane of GIT.

b)salt & water retention.

c)decrease respiratory rate.

d)decrease heart rate.

8.As regard development of emotion:

a)affection to childeren apear at 8 months

b)affection to adult apear at 12 months

c)elation apear at 24 months

d)Joy appears at 12 months.

5.D 6.C 7.A 8.B

3.Perception MCQ

9.As regard perceptual selectivity :

a)always we dive attention to bigger stimulus.

b)We see what we want to see.

c)the most important personal factor is expectancy.

d) we give attention to stable stimuli than mobile one

10.As regard perceptual organization,closure means:

a)stimuli that have common character tend to be percepted together.

b)we tend to see things as ending up consistent with the way they started off.

c)we tend to percieve figures bas whole & complete.

d)we tend to percieve close stimuli as belonging together.

11.All of the following involve in monocular depth perception EXCEPT:



c)parallel lines

d)brightness of colors.

12.Gestalt Psychology describe:

a)perceptual organization

b)perceptual selectivity

c)perceptual constancy

d)perception o distance.

9.B 10.C 11.A 12.B

4.personality MCQ

13.The psychoanalytical theory is proposed by:



c)John watson.


14.As regard id ,all of the following true EXCEPT:

a)person obying his instincts under control of it

b)it oberate according to pleasure principle.

c)it always think befor acting.

d)it is the spoiled child of personality.

15.Which of the following component harmonize between primitive desires &higher ethical standers:




d)non of the above.

16.As regard personality ,trait approach assemes that personality :

a) arises out from conflict between basic needs & demond of the real world.

b)is made of stable internal characteristics that appear at variable strenghts.

c.result from behavior &cognitive habits that learned from social world.

d)arise from development of person's potentialities to achieve self actualization.

13.B 14.C 15 B 16.B

5.Defence mechanisms MCQ

17.All of the following concert mature defence mechanisms EXCEPT:

a)poor ajustment as an adult.

b)lower incidence of mental illness.

c)job satisfaction.

d)rich friendship.

18.Defence mechanism is addaptive when: used in exclusive manar.

b)the motivation to it comes from present.

c)its usage distor the personal situation.

d)its usage distor the personal feeling.

19.As regard level 1 defence mechanisms,all of the following is true EXCEPT:

a)almost always pathological.

b)they permit to the user to rearrande relity than cope with it.

c)they are the psychotic defences.

d)suppresion is an example.

20.Which of the following is mature defence mechanism:





17.A 18.B 19.D 20B

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