Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ethic and Continuation of Biochem

Assalamuaikum wbt..
Here are the continuation of biochem and ethic slides...
Many people asked me,"Where to get previous lecturer's slides..???"
I just want to mention to all my friends, I already put all the lecturer's slides which we learn this week...
except physiology because we couldn't get permission to do it..
So,just check them by yourself at "Blog Achieve" column
click "Label", then click either slides, histo, biochem or other subjects to get previous slides
Good luck...
Have a nice weekends.. Fill your time with good things...

Telah berfirman Allah s.w.t yang bermaksud:

"Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu benar-benar di dalam kerugian, kecuali orang -
orang yang beriman dan beramal salih dan nasihat menasihati supaya mentaati
kebenaran".( S. Al-Asr:ayat 1-3 )


Hb Structure 4


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