Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jars in pathology slides

JARS (pathology practical)

please click on the link above to download the slide regarding jars that we have learn in pathology practical.
and we couldn't upload this slide in the box.net because this file is big.

There are also new slides in the following folders:
1)psychology folder
2)pathology folder
3) TBL
4)Questions folder

we are sorry for not being able to upload some lecture slidse because didn't manage to get lecturer's permission.

for those who want biochemistry practical's slide (cardiac anzyme)  you can download it from alexmed ~
(we tried to upload in the boxnet but having some problems)
and lastly thank you for giving suggestions, comments that can improve this blog in the shoutbox.
May Allah Bless u all always^_^

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