Saturday, November 13, 2010


Outflow of Batch Money :

By end of June 2011, we will have 12,025 LE.

So, we have discussed to allocate the money for :

a)7000 LE ( until March 2011 ) will be used for our Graduation Day and Motivational Talk for our batch. But most of the money will be spend on the Graduation Day. It will be worthwhile. Insyallah.

b)Remaining about 5000 LE ( from April 2011 till June 2011 ) :

- 3000 LE will be saved as Tabung Kebajikan ( In case if some of our friends need help)

- 2000 LE will be used for other uses i.e students who want to claim their money back ( OBLIGATORY WITH A RECEIPT ) and also any activities which require us to use some money.

Don’t hesitate to tell us if there is any problem concerning the financial statement.

Just remember that every single Irsy that you give will be used to the full potential. No misuse of the money will occur insyallah.

Remember also that when an Adams son leave this world, only three things that will follow him to the afterlife and one of them is sadaqah.

That’s all.Tq :)

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