Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Session of the 1st AID EMERGENCY COURSE

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Regarding 1st aid course, insyaAllah the last session will be held:
Day: wednesday, 25th April 2012
Time: 1pm-7pm
Place: Mustasyfa Gamal Abd Nasser

The course

1.1pm till 3pm
*How to give injection & vital sign

2. 3.30pm till 7pm
*1st aid in fracture management/musculoskeletal injuries
*post course exam/ course evaluation

Please come earlier and be punctual so that we can finish our session on time.
Anyone who cannot attend this last session, please contact Eman Alashkar personally.

Please do respect others so that people will respect us..
** these are not decisions to make it hard for students ,, just we need the benefit for students and also the center has a policy that have to be obeyed, being private organization doesnt mean its up for students to deal in the way they want because although the center is private its still an educational center,so the students have to obey the policy

Eman Alashkar 01145386153

Thank you.

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