Sunday, November 13, 2011

Egyptian Practical Questions

In the Name of ALLAH S.W.T. The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.


1. Grave’s disease.
A. Diagnosis.
B. Manifestations (in the picture).
C. 2 other manifestations.

2. Cushing’s syndrome.
B. 2 manifestations.
C. Manifestation of face and cause.

3. Acromegaly.
A. MCQ. Leading to _.
B. 2 manifestations.

4. Name of the test. Trousseau test.
A. Used in.
B. Hormonal deficiency.

5. Myxedema.
A. Cause of overweight.
B. MCQ. Laboratory diagnosis.

6. Gigantism.
A. Cause.
B. 2 manifestations.

7. Addison’s disease.
A. Level of blood glucose.
B. Cause of hyperpigmentation.

8. Dwarfism.
A. Cause.
B. Characteristics.

9. X-Ray. Otitis fibrosa cystica.
A. Cause.
B. Normal calcium level.
C. Calcium level in this patient.
10. Cretinism. 
A. How to differentiate with dwarfism.

11. Chvostek test.
A. Cause.
B. Normal serum calcium level.
C. Expected level in this condition.

12. Adrenal virilism.
A. Cause.
B. Manifestations.

1. Organ
2. Diagnosis.
3. Mention 3 features.

1. Thyroid gland (lateral lobe).
A. One posterior relation.
B. One related nerve.

2. Hypophyseal fossa.
A. One of its dural sinus.
B. One related artery.


1. Slides.
2. Pictures and identify structure on it.


1. Principle of insulin estimation.
2. Sandwich ELISA.
3. 2 diseases of hypoinsulinemia.
4. Define antigen.
5. 3 components of ELISA.


1. Insulin pen injector. Types.
2. Insulin syringe, pump and pen. One function or component of each.
3. T/F.
A. Insulin pump deliver continuous (basal) infusion of rapid acting insulin but it can’t infuse it during bolus.
B. We must leave the needle in insulin pen to avoid air bubbles.

Egyptian’s exam.
Wallahu A’lam. Pray for us ^^
~credit to Nusaibah Sallehuddin for this, jazakillahu khoiron kathira!~

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