Thursday, December 1, 2011


Elective subject courses will start on the next week as follow:

- Hospital management first session will be on 5/12 at 8-9 am.

- Islamic studies : 3/12 at 4-6 pm

- Arabic fosaha : 3/12 at 4-6 pm.

- Hand writing group I(3- 229): Monday 5/12 at 4-6 pm

- Hand writing group II(239- 280): Wednesday 7/12 at 4-6 pm .

**History of medicine and arabic amia will be conducted on the second term.

-Each course will be conducted in six weeks and the exam will be in the seventh week.
-All courses will be held in conventional center (CC)
-Attendance of the courses is compulsory ( at least 75% to enter the exam.)

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