Wednesday, January 5, 2011


assalammualaikum w.b.t..

This post is about our assignment and practical exam..

1.Assignment-please refer to attachment ..

For those group which will present their assignment on Sunday and Tuesday,we are very sorry because the place for your presentation is not provided by the university.So, we hope the group leader will confirm the place with the professor to avoid any inconvenience regarding our presentation.

And the good news for those who will present the assignment on wednesday,insya allah the place is provided.Any information will be announce later.


There is some changes for practical exam place.please take note..

And for pharmacology spot - as told before.there will be 2 spot, which carry 2.5 mark for each.

the question is all about anesthesia(advantage &disadvantage) and neuromuscular blocker (graph)..

3.Boom t-shirt(click here to see the design)

To all BOOM's participant who desire to buy the Boom t-shirt, please send your full name and size to SR through our email or YM before 7 JANUARY 2011.

only LE 20 for deposit.

bokhari -

fikri -

farah -

aisyah .my

jazakumullahu khairan kathira.

bittaufiq wannajah..

**sorry guys.i've tried my best to put the assignment and practical exam information here.but there is a problem..hope you don't mind to click HERE.for assignment.and HERE for practical..

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